Choc Chip Cookie Mix - Large (makes 12 cookies)

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Delight your friends, family, staff and clients with a unique cookie mix that not only looks great but tastes great too.

Our large Choc Chip Cookie Mixes make the cutest and sweetest gifts around.

Any of our handcrafted "take and bake" Milk Bottle Mixes will make the most adorable gift, but filled with real Nestle Choc Bits and making 12 delicious chocolate chip cookies who could resist our Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

Easy to bake and packaged in an adorable vintage style milk bottle - simply add butter and egg to make a delicious batch of 12 home baked cookies.

Bake together or enjoy our easy to bake no mess mixes on your own.

Each bottles comes with an attached instruction, ingredient and nutritional panel label.
Bottle dimensions:
Height: 19 cm.
Base: 6.5 cm.
Capacity: 500 mls.
Cookie Mix Shelf life: 6-8 month