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10 years ago I was busy setting up my first business - a design and printing service whilst pregnant with our first child. We had absolutely nothing to do with baking - I hadn't even heard of Sweet Health or baked any Cookie Mixes from bottle. 

Kelly from Sweet Health

Like all great businesses though Sweet Health had been founded on a dream, a dream of it's original owner Debbie who had a desire to revolutionise the baking & gifting industry by creating a fun & easy to bake cookie mix in a bottle. 

Fast forward to 2012 mine & Debbie's paths crossed and my initiation into the world of bottled baking mixes began. For years Debbie & I worked hand in hand transforming Sweet Health's Cookie Mixes into personalised & custom designed Corporate, Birthday & Wedding favours. 

Pour our Cookie Mix   Stirring our Cookie Mix   Rolling our Cookie Mix   Bake our Cookie Mixes

I simply loved everything about the concept and products - so much so that in 2017 when Debbie decided to move on - Sweet Health became my sole focus and we haven't looked back. 

So much & so little has changed since then. We remain true to our very own sense of style and packaging but have created a number of new flavours & gifting options along the way. We quite literally have created a Mix for everyone and every occasion. 

Our fun icons

Fun & ease have always been at the heart of what we do and there's nothing more satisfying than knowing we put smiles on the faces of those that receive and bake with our Mixes.

From our delicious tasting Cookie Mixes to our decadent Hot Chocolate Mix and our newest addition our easy-to-bake Caramel Slice Mix. Creating memorable lick-the-spoon moments for others is why we do what we do. If you haven't experienced our Mixes yourself yet you should definitely give us a try here.

Smartie Cookie Mix in a bottle
Hot Choc Drink Mix in a Bottle 
Caramel Slice Mix in a Bottle

Initially only available at boutique markets and online stores our presence has grown with the demand for our adorable little products. 

2020 saw a major shift away from our in person Markets, Expos & Tradeshows to a more heavily focus on our online and wholesale trade. 

Today we are delighted to say you can find us stocked right across Australia in a number of independent, boutique and selected stores and online via some prominent ecommerce marketplaces. 

What an incredible journey it has been - we have nothing but the very sweetest gratitude and thanks to everyone for being a part of it. We look forward to continuing to spread the Sweet Health love and creating those oh so memorable lick-the-spoon-moments for years to come. 

Yours in sweet baking and gifting bliss


Kelly from Sweet Health




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