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Christmas Baking     Christmas Cookies

CHRISTMAS - it truly is the most magical time of the year!

Here at Sweet Health we love everything about Christmas - the time shared with family and friends, the little traditions and memories we enjoy and of course the gift giving and receiving!!

And on that we believe we have created the perfect gift idea that everyone can enjoy. Young or old, male or female it really doesn't matter - everyone loves eating cookies don't they? Some even baking them and if they don't like baking even better because our Christmas range Cookie Mixes in a bottle are adorable, easy to bake with and a whole bottle of fun! All the dry ingredients are already right there in the bottle along with how to bake instructions - you simply require a bowl, baking tray, an oven, the wet ingredients and a wooden (which we can also provide).

So whether you're gifting a Thank You to your child's teacher, a Secret Santa to a work colleague, trying to fill some stockings or have no idea what to buy that person that has everything - look no further than our range of Christmas Cookies Mixes in a Bottle and Gift Packs.....there's something for everyone!

Happy gifting everyone