Fundraising Opportunities

When it comes to fundraising we've all been involved or supported it in some way shape or form but isn't it nice when a new and exciting fundraising idea comes along that hasn't been over done and has the potential to spark new interest and generate you funds?

At Sweet Health we offer you that unique opportunity through Fundraising with our little Cookie Mixes. Everyone loves cookies!! Even Hot Chocolate! Some people even love to bake but you don't have to be a master baker to enjoy our little cookie mixes - an easy to bake no mess mix packaged in an adorable little vintage bottle. Kids love them, Mums love them even Dads and everyone in between. They make an easy baking option for your pantry or a great gift idea especially with Christmas just always around the corner.

Our Small Cookie Mixes retail for $12 / bottle. Each Cookie/Hot Chocolate Mix you sell earns you commission. The more mixes you sell the more commission you make!

We have two structures available to suit your fundraising needs. If you are interested in fundraising for your school, team, sporting club, event please send through an email and request an information pack, alternatively you can phone Kelly on 0407 131 730 to discuss any question you may have. 

We look forward to helping you.

Unqiue Fundraising Opportunity
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