HOT Chocolate Drink Mix - Decadent | Divine | Heaven. Makes 2 or 4 decadent drinks

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Chocolate really is everyone's best friend!
So why not spoil yourself or someone special with one of our adorable and decadent Hot Chocolate Mixes.
Any of our "take and bake" Mixes will make the most adorable gift, but filled with real Nestle Chocolate Bits our Hot Chocolate mix makes the most decadent hot choc no one could resist.

Easy to make and packaged in an adorable vintage style milk bottle simply add hot milk to make 2 or 4 mugs of decadent hot chocolate.

Make together or on your own and enjoy our easy to make no mess mixes.

Cookie Mixes and Gift Packs also available.

This listing is for our decadent, divine and heavenly HOT CHOCOLATE Drink Mix available in two sizes - SMALL (makes 2 decadent mugs) and LARGE (makes 4 decadent mugs). Containing our Signature Hot Chocolate Base Mix, topped with real Nestle Choc Bits and mini marshmallows, and dressed in our Signature label, Kraft paper topper, jute twine and an instructional swing tag (containing - ingredients, allergens, nutritional information and most importantly how to make method!).

You receive your mixes all ready to gift or bake - so why not spoil yourself or someone special today?
We look forward to creating our bottled deliciousness for you shortly.

For variations to this mix or if you prefer to personalise our label with a special message - simply request an order for 20 or more Mixes and we will add your special message to the label for FREE!
and happily discuss options to customise for you.

Yes absolutely, you don’t need to be a master baker to bake with our Cookie | Baking | Hot Chocolate Mixes!

All our drink mixes are very easy to make, you simply add hot milk and stir for 5 - 10 minutes to make 2 or 4 decadent mugs of hot chocolate.

Absolutely!! We are strong advocates for supporting Australian made ingredients. We use genuine Nestle Smarties & Choc Bits in all our Smartie, Choc Chip & Hot Chocolate Mixes.

Please note however that for custom coloured Cookie Mixes not all choc drop colours are available in Australian made so we do source non-Australian made choc drops for these mixes.

I CAN’T GET THE BROWN SUGAR OUT OF THE BOTTLE, IS THIS NORMAL? Yes, this can happen and is completely normal. Because we ship our little mixes all over Australia we pack our ingredients fairly tight inside our bottles; coupled with the fact brown sugar (and marshmallows) are prone to hardening you may need to use a butter knife to carefully loosen the ingredients prior to tipping out.

You can expect a minimum of 4-6 months shelf life on all our cookie/baking/hot chocolate mixes

DO YOU OFFER CUSTOM, PERSONALISED AND CORPORATE ORDERS? Most definitely! We love every opportunity to be creative and happily customise our products to suit your needs. From custom designed labels, colours and bottle dressings – we can create the perfect fit for your special occasion. Please feel free to email Kelly on

Height - 15cm
Base - 5.5cm
Can hold 250mls of liquid.
Makes 6 delicious cookies

Height - 19cm
Base - 6.5cm
Can hold 500mls of liquid.
Makes 12 delicious cookies

We understand ordering on-line for a special occasion can be scary and sometimes you just need to speak to someone, if that’s the case please don't hesitate to contact us.


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