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Thank you in advance for considering to purchase one of our "Little Wonder Cookies For A Cause" Cookie Mixes. For every "Little Wonder Cookies for a Cause" Cookie Mix purchased we (Sweet Health) will donate $4 / mix to Little Wonder to aid in their efforts to provide support to the RPA Newborn Care Unit. In a year where in person fundraising events have been placed on hold (namely their Little Wonder Annual High Tea and the Little Wonder Movie Day/Night), we are thrilled to announce our 'Cookies for a Cause' fundraiser, being launched in conjunction with World Prematurity Day on November 17 to not only raise funds but awareness to this incredible cause. 

THE CAUSE = Little Wonder


The parents' fundraising and support committee for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital. 

WHAT DO THEY DO =                                                                                                 RPA Newborn Care looks after more than 950 premature and sick babies each year, not only for babies born at RPA but also for babies born at other hospitals that don't have the same high level of intensive care facilities. 

Little Wonder was founded in 2009 by a group of mums who had experienced first hand the incredible work of RPA Newborn Care. The committee is dedicated to give back to the unit that saved their babies and allowed them to prosper. With the support of family and friends and in partnership with RPA staff, they raise funds to support the unit as well as the parents/carers of the babies through various programs. Little Wonder are very proud to be recognised by the RPA Hospital as an official fundraiser.

 Thanks to their invaluable supporters Little Wonder have been able to donate a humidicrib, crib sheets, scent hearts, Sibling Bags, Emergency Bags, 4 CPAP machines, kangaroo cuddle chairs and 240 parent gift bags each year , sponsored the hospital's Possum Playgroup, refurbished the expressing room, parents room and Nurses Room, provided books for 3 libraries within the Unit, funded the Little Star beads program, launched and sponsored the Employee of the Month program, and SOOOOO much more. 

 YOU CAN HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE = If you can help support our efforts however large or small and enjoy a sweet treat in the process, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You can choose to purchase one of our "Little Wonder Cookies For A Cause" Cookie Mixes and we shall make a donation to Little Wonder or you may wish to donate directly to Little Wonder's cause yourself via the following link


With sincere and heartfelt thanks on behalf of the families who have/will benefit from the efforts of Little Wonder.


 HOW WILL I KNOW A DONATION HAS BEEN MADE?                                         We will continue to update our social media pages and this listing with the number of Cookie Mixes sold and the amount we will be/have donated to this fund raising effort. We shall also provide an updated total of where they are at in their efforts to reach the goal amount. If you have any questions you are most welcome to email us at

Yes absolutely, you don’t need to be a master baker to bake with our Cookie | Baking | Hot Chocolate Mixes!       

All our cookie mixes are very easy to bake, you simply add butter, egg yolk and a dash of vanilla essence (optional) and bake for 10 -15 minutes to make 6 or 12 delicious cookies. 

Absolutely!! We are strong advocates for supporting Australian made ingredients.                                                                                                         We use genuine Nestle Smarties & Choc Bits in all our Smartie, Choc Chip & Hot Chocolate Mixes.                                            

Please note however that for custom coloured Cookie Mixes not all choc drop colours are available in Australian made so we do source non-Australian made choc drops for these mixes.

I CAN’T GET THE BROWN SUGAR OUT OF THE BOTTLE, IS THIS NORMAL?                                                                                                              Yes, this can happen and is completely normal. Because we ship our little mixes all over Australia we pack our ingredients fairly tight inside our bottles; coupled with the fact brown sugar is prone to hardening you may need to use a butter knife to carefully loosen the ingredients prior to tipping out.

You can expect a minimum of 4-6 months shelf life on all our cookie/baking/hot chocolate mixes


SMALL MIXES                                                                                                        Height - 15cm 
Base - 5.5cm 
Can hold 250mls of liquid.                                                                                    Makes 6 delicious cookies