COOKIES FOR A CAUSE | a gift that keeps giving | Raising funds for a Bears of Hope Cuddle Cot

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..............TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SOULS THAT HAVE PURCHASED...........    our Cookies for a Cause Cookie Mixes.....we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are very humbled to advise that to date we have helped raise over $1000 for this incredible cause!!

As at the 22nd December 2018 we were able to personally donate $144 through the sale of 36 x Cookies mixes (18 through our website and another 18 at markets and directly) and are honoured that others have donated directly because of our raising awareness. We are eternally grateful for everyone's support and are overwhelmed to confirm that with your help we were able to reach our ultimate fundraising goal and on Friday 26th April 2019 in honour of our little angel niece Jacob Louise a brand new Cuddle Cot was donated to Canberra Hospital and is now available to help support other bereaved families.




Thank you in advance for considering to purchase one of our "Cookies For A Cause" Cookie Mixes. For every "Cookies for a Cause" Cookie Mix purchased we (Sweet Health) will donate $4 / mix to Bears of Hope to help fund a cuddle cot in honour of our sweet little niece who left this world before she arrived which in turn will help support other bereaved families finding  themselves in this heartbreaking situation.

It costs $6,000 to fund a Cuddle Cot and with yours and everyones support we hope to help in contributing to reach this goal. If we can sell at least 50 Cookies for A Cause Cookie Mixes that's $200 towards funding this invaluable resource.

The number of families that experience the loss of their baby each year is overwhelming. An incredibly heartbreaking and traumatic time when support is required the most.

My sister & brother-in-law had the opportunity to benefit from a cuddle cot when their daughter Jacob gained her angel wings and we are ever so grateful for the time and opportunity it gave all of us to create the very few precious memories we have of her, memories that we will cherish forever. 

A cuddle cot is a cooling system that lays beneath the baby within a bassinet. It enables families to keep their baby close and cherish the only time they have, spending as much time as they wish without the worry or distress of having to keep handing their baby back to hospital staff to be cooled in a traditional cooling room away from them.

To honour Jacob's memory and to bring meaning to her short life we are fundraising on her behalf to help fund a cuddle cot for a hospital to be able to provide the invaluable support our family received.

If you can help support our efforts however large or small and enjoy a sweet treat in the process, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. If you wish to donate directly to our cause you are most welcome to do so via the following link

With sincere and heartfelt thanks on behalf of ours and other bereaved families.


 HOW WILL I KNOW A DONATION HAS BEEN MADE?                                         We will continue to update our social media pages and this listing with the number of Cookie Mixes sold and the amount we will be/have donated to this fund raising effort. We shall also provide an updated total of where they are at in their efforts to reach the goal amount. If you have any questions you are most welcome to email us at

Yes absolutely, you don’t need to be a master baker to bake with our Cookie | Baking | Hot Chocolate Mixes!       

All our cookie mixes are very easy to bake, you simply add butter, egg yolk and a dash of vanilla essence (optional) and bake for 10 -15 minutes to make 6 or 12 delicious cookies. 

Absolutely!! We are strong advocates for supporting Australian made ingredients.                                                                                                         We use genuine Nestle Smarties & Choc Bits in all our Smartie, Choc Chip & Hot Chocolate Mixes.                                            

Please note however that for custom coloured Cookie Mixes not all choc drop colours are available in Australian made so we do source non-Australian made choc drops for these mixes.

I CAN’T GET THE BROWN SUGAR OUT OF THE BOTTLE, IS THIS NORMAL?                                                                                                              Yes, this can happen and is completely normal. Because we ship our little mixes all over Australia we pack our ingredients fairly tight inside our bottles; coupled with the fact brown sugar is prone to hardening you may need to use a butter knife to carefully loosen the ingredients prior to tipping out.

You can expect a minimum of 4-6 months shelf life on all our cookie/baking/hot chocolate mixes


SMALL MIXES                                                                                                        Height - 15cm 
Base - 5.5cm 
Can hold 250mls of liquid.                                                                                    Makes 6 delicious cookies

Height - 19cm 
Base - 6.5cm 
Can hold 500mls of liquid.                                                                                    Makes 12 delicious cookies